Wireline Logging Witness - Roles and Responsibility

One of the very large range of measurements and analytic techniques used in formation evaluation of oil wells is wireline logging. This method provides a great meeting place for all formation evaluation in oil wells. It is only through open-hole logging can a continuous record of measurement about the depth can be made on formation properties.

The actual operation of a wireline logging involves lowering a tool at the end of a logging cable into an old or gas well. There is a sensor incorporated in a sonde together with appropriate instruments and is suspended in the hole or well by a multi conductor cable. The signals transmitted from the sensor are conditioned by the downhole electronics for transmission up the cable to the control panel at surface which in turn the signal for the recorder.

When the cable are raised or lowered, it activates a depth measuring device, a sheave wheel (pulley) in turns on a recording device. Finally, there is a form of reproduction that take place in order to provide a hard copy of the recorded data which is called the well log.

The wireline logging witness is appointed to cover the job once the service company is informed of the upcoming job and the logging crew is selected. The log witness receives the wireline logging program and is briefed by the operations geologist or well engineer in the operating company.

Logging witness is considered as the leader of the logging service project team which consist of the logging engineer, the crew and the drilling superintendents on the rig. On board the rig, there are initial interaction between the logging witness, drilling superintendents and logging engineer and get the consent on the following issues:

- Log programs and its objectives
- The tools required
- Discuss and review risk assessments and possible potential safety issues
- Logging plan with preliminary detail including expected start date and time
- Discuss the lessons learned from previous wells

Plastic recruiters can give you functional recommendations

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Reviews on steam mop

Importance of reviews before purchase

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How To Determine The Prices And Values Of FIFA Coins

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Poker To Relieve My Stress

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